NCA Staff

Our Staff

To call any of our team members directly please dial (615)-327-9958 and then the extension number.

Dawn E. Harper

Chief Executive Officer, ext. 2018

Dr. Gina Crean, LCSW, CCTS-I

Director of Clinical Programs & Intervention, ext. 2033

Kristen Jenkins

Forensic Interviewer, ext. 2013

Ellie Teeter, LMSW

Clinical Therapist/Court Liaison, ext. 2032

Madeline Alonzo, LMSW

Clinical Therapist/Care Coordinator, ext. 2004

Katrina Bruzzese

Forensic Interviewer, ext. 2014

Airis Addams

Data and Communications Specialist, ext. 2004

Hailey Widman

Family Support Specialist, ext. 2012

Barbara Tallent

Director of Forensic Services, ext. 2016

Helen Watson, LMSW

Clinical Therapist/Intern Coordinator, ext. 2023

Mary Nichols, LMSW

Clinical Therapist, ext. 2027

Darela Martin

Bilingual Family Support Specialist, ext. 2015

Tyia Waller

Office Administrator, ext. 2010

Beth Tipton

Clinical Therapist, ext. 2036

Greyson Brannon

Clinical Therapist, ext. 2026

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