Forensic Interviews

Forensic Interviews

429 children were interviewed by the NCA team last year.

At the Nashville Children’s Alliance, our first point of contact for most families is during a forensic interview. NCA provides forensic interviews to alleged victims of severe child abuse, including child sexual abuse, severe physical abuse, or children who have witnessed violence. The family must have an open investigation with the Department of Children’s Services or Metro Nashville Police Department, as part of the Child Protective Investigative Team
A forensic interview is simply a way for specially trained Forensic Interviewers to gain details about possible abuse from a child in his or her own words. The interviewers are sensitive to the child’s emotional and developmental needs. The purpose is to gather as many facts as possible about the allegations in a comfortable and child-focused manner. Forensic interviews are designed to help investigators of child abuse. Forensic interviews are recorded to protect the integrity of the interview. Only members of our Child Protective Investigative Team will be allowed to observe the interview or obtain the information revealed during the forensic interview.
Forensic Interviews and Family Support Services are provided in English and in Spanish. Click on the documents to learn more:

Family Support Services

The Family Support Specialist at the Nashville Children’s Alliance provides advocacy, crisis support, and case management services to child victims of severe abuse, and their supportive family members. Our Family Support Specialist meets with the supportive caregiver during the forensic interview to provide information about NCA and the services we offer, including connecting clients to our clinical department for therapy. They also provide access to outside resources the family may need. They are able to walk the caregiver through the investigative process and explain what is to be expected. The Family Support Specialist provides ongoing support to non-offending caregivers throughout the investigative and healing process, including court support if the child is required to testify during criminal proceedings.

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