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The Nashville Children’s Alliance (NCA) is a non profit agency that provides services at no cost to children in Davidson County who have experienced sexual or severe physical abuse. Some of these services include front-line forensic interviews to assist in determining if abuse has occurred, weekly therapy sessions, court support, crisis services to families and support groups for non-offending parents. The Nashville Children’s Alliance, formerly the Nashville Child Advocacy Center, was founded in 1992 by a community task force seeking coordinated services and better outcomes for children when there were allegations of sexual or severe physical abuse. We work with the Department of Children’s Services, the Metropolitan Nashville Police Department, and the Office of the District Attorney General to ensure that NO child falls through the cracks. NCA also provides team training for these organizations on issues related to children who have suffered abuse and their ongoing needs.

Our Mission:

Healing and justice for children who have been abused or exposed to violence

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