Board of Directors

Our Board

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Dawn Harper

Chief Executive Officer, ext. 2018

Brian Clifford

Dept. of Envronment & Conservation

Brian C. Austin

City National Bank

Martin Padgett

Walmart Spring Hill

Nick Worstell

Caterpillar Financial

Carla B. Aaron, MSSW

TN Department of Children’s Services

Jeff Ramsey


Lauren Cowan

INS Bank

Emily Weaver

Bridgestone Americas, Inc.

Victor S. Johnson III

Paul A. Rein, CPA

Amy Maden, CPA


Steve Anderson

Nashville Metro PD

Glenn Funk

District Attorney General

Diane Lance

Director of the Metro Office of Family Safety

Nancy Schultz

North Highland

Jeremy Oliver

Waller Lansden Dortch & Davis LLP

YLC Board Intern

Robert Jaz Boon


Bonnie Beneke, LCSW

Department of Children’s Services

Ashley Markham

Butler Snow LLP

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